About the Program

The Edina Orchestras encompass over 500 students, elementary through high school, in ensembles that promote and nurture student participation in orchestra, chamber, small group, and solo performance. The professional staff at Edina schools are dedicated to nurturing the gift of music and performance in their students, hence setting up a lifetime skill. If you have a child that is interested in playing in the orchestra program, please let us know how we can assist you.

Edina High School Orchestra Core Values

  • Strive to become practitioners and patrons of the arts.

  • Construct and maintain a creative environment where artistic risks may be safely taken.

  • We, the creators, take responsibility for our vision.

  • Engage in our physical, sensory, and intellectual potential.

  • Promote individual discovery within the collaborative spirit where we explore ideas and questions together.

Gallery of recent photos


Visit our Edina High School Orchestra's YouTube channel for more performance videos.